Landon Gilfillan Nutrition

Simplify Your Health Journey


The Foundations Program

Whether it's stubborn weight gain, disrupted sleep, relentless cravings, chronic fatigue, or digestive problems, this 3-month coaching program will help you find the root of your health concern and give you back control over your health.

Through weekly coaching and nutrition and lifestyle tracking, we will find a simple, yet effective program that will have you moving out of decision paralysis and into formidable action.

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Free Foundations Mini Course 

Get ready to experience immediate success in your health in five days or less!

In this free course, you will learn to recognize and address the thoughts that aren't serving your health, prepare for the inevitable roadblocks that try to sabotage your health goals, create (and stick to) a plan that provides more space for the things you love, and learn the proven method that will help you be more productive, successful, AND healthy.

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Spring Clean Nutrition Plan

Rev up your winter metabolism for the spring! This customized nutrition plan is more than just a meal plan. It was created to help you establish new habits that will maximize your metabolism, train your blood sugar to "chill", and help your body burn more fat and store less.

You will receive 4 weeks of meal plans (digital & printable) built with a specific ratio of healthy fats, fiber, and lean protein to keep blood sugar spikes and fat storage at bay. You also get a Food Swap List, a Dining Out Guide, the Spring Clean Basics Guide, and emails to support your efforts for the month. This is not a quick fix plan but a habit-building program that will set you up for a healthier more enjoyable life.

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Nutrition Consult + Meal Plan Package

This mini coaching package will help propel you forward in your health journey with less frustration and overwhelm, whether your goal is to lose weight, overcome food cravings, improve your metabolism, sleep better, or level up your current nutrition.

Package includes two 1:1 consults to define your specific nutritional goals and create a individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan to address your specific health concerns, plus a 5-Day Dietary Analysis and fully-customizable 21-day meal plan. 

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