Nutritional Consultation & Meal Plan Package

Ready to Level Up Your Nutrition Game?

This high-touch coaching package will help propel you forward in your health journey through the development of a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

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Whether your goal is to lose stubborn weight, manage food sensitivities, overcome sugar addiction or food cravings, get better sleep, or level up your current nutrition, this package will help you reach your goals with less frustration and overwhelm.

This package offers you two one-on-one consults to 1) help you articulate your specific nutritional goals, and 2) create a customized lifestyle plan to address those concerns with calm and ease.

This along with a 5-Day Dietary Analysis will allow me to customize your 21-day nutrition plan built with your specific needs and goals in mind.

What You'll Receive:

Get the tools to jumpstart your health with these three components:


1:1 consults help me to thoroughly understand your nutrition and health goals, as well as assess your current habits.


Complete a 5-Day Dietary Analysis that records your foods, moods and other symptoms to determine the best course for your meal plan.


Receive a customized 21-day meal plan with shopping lists and the ability to swap out ingredients to meet your specific health needs.


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