Mind Your Thoughts

belief mindset negative thoughts thoughts Jun 16, 2022

Let's continue on with our Action Item from the last blog post where you took a couple of your thoughts about "NUTRITION", "HEALTH" and "WELLNESS" reframed them to create more positive action.

Did you complete that action item?? I thought so. Good deal.

I always tell my clients that I can only take them as far as their willingness to do the work goes.

So, let's keep pulling on this thread about our thoughts (I pull on this thread a lot in my program, by the way.)

I actually did my own thought download on the above words, but I categorized them into NEGATIVE & POSITIVE thoughts for the sake of this exercise. (These are a mixture of my words and those of past clients)



No fun, strict, deprivation, challenging in a bad way, sad, hard, isolating, failure, bondage, too much work, too expensive, too time consuming, too overwhelming, embarrassing


Healthy food, exercise, being fit, exciting meal plans, life-changing, new adventures, possibilities, capable, yummy, challenging in a good way, exciting new foods, new recipes, expanding my know-how, sharing, what I’m good at, passion, up and coming, alternatives, so many resources, coaching, teaching, sharing, networking

Now What's The Point of This?


Your Thoughts CAN (& often DO) Dictate Your Actions

In most cases throughout your day, you pay no attention to your thoughts and how they are serving you or not. Now that may seem counterintuitive because as women, we are generally pretty in tune with our thoughts and emotions.

However, I would challenge you on how much you're allowing your thoughts to dictate your choices each and every day.

Let me give you an example as it pertains to the personal health and nutritional choices of a lot of the women I know - who, by the way, are fairly cognizant of their health, whether they are doing anything about it or not.

There is this underlying thought that they are never going to reach their "ideal" weight, no matter their choices. So slowly over time, they've pretty much given up on that dream and without even realizing it, are making choices that will absolutely keep them from ever reaching their unspoken goal/dream.


This thought then manifests as:

  • not ever weighing themselves (ignorance is bliss, right?)
  • not truly watching or paying attention to what they eat (what they don't know can't hurt them, can it?);
  • not exploring new wardrobe options for fear of being disappointed ("Hello swimsuit shopping! Ugh!";
  • not setting health goals;
  • not dreaming bigger then the here and now


Maybe you're rolling your eyes right now.

Maybe you're tempted to close this email right now and stay ignorant.

Or maybe you're intrigued (I hope so).


But here's the thing....

BEING MINDFUL OF YOUR THOUGHTS will take you further then you ever thought (no pun intended) was possible!

Just being aware of what you're thinking (which requires a bit of effort and awareness) can change the trajectory of your life and yes, your health.

JUST TRY IT!!!! Here's your action item until our next email...



  • I want you to trace your thoughts on one of your health issues or concerns for 2 days (i.e. your weight, your sleep habits, your confidence, your digestion, your energy, etc.)
  • Get a designated notebook or Word Doc or Google Doc (whatever!) and spend 5 minutes each morning (or night, if you're a night owl) writing down everything that comes to mind (no filtering) on that particular issue/concern
  • Keep asking yourself, "what else?" until you have a pretty meaty paragraph of thoughts
  • THEN, notice the tone of those thoughts - are they negative? positive? vague? neutral? Why do you think that is? Ask yourself?
  • Now, go forth with your day, trying to stay cognizant of those thoughts.
    • Don't be stubborn to prove me wrong, but stay open to how those thoughts might change your decisions around certain things you do. 


By becoming ACTIVELY MORE AWARE of your thoughts regarding the complacency of your current weight, you might actually start changing your behavior, or at least think about changing your behavior.


And we'll move onto the next step in our next email.

Now, go do that thought download before you find ten other things to do!!!


Until next time,

XX Landon

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