How to Take Massive (not passive) Action!

change mindset take action Jun 21, 2022

 If you've gone through my Foundations Mini Mindset Course you might be somewhat familiar with something I call the DAE process.

It stands for DECIDE - ACT - EVALUATE - and it's an amazing practice to incorporate into all areas of your life!

Although I've taught my past clients a similar process, my business coach, Andrea Nordling, really helped me to fine tune it this past year (DAE is actually her phraseology!)

It is something that takes practice, to be sure, especially if you're not great at making decisions, taking action, or evaluating your results.

I'll admit right now that while I'm great at making taking ACTION, I can go back and forth with decisions and tend to just run away from the evaluation process. 😂😂😂

Even though I regularly do evaluations with my clients, doing them in my own life was drudgery! 

Until I started practicing the DAE process and saw how much it simplified my life, expanded my time, and improved my work!



We generally fall into one of the following three camps (if not all three of them):

  • We struggle to MAKE decisions
  • We struggle to ACT on said decisions... OR
  • We struggle to EVALUATE the results of our decisions

Which one do YOU struggle with most?

If you said, "ACTING" on your decisions - this BLOG is for you!

( By the way, we talked about THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING DECISIONS and the mental drama that can happen when you're faced with a decision in the last post.)

Just think about your New Years' Resolutions.....

How many times have you made a resolution, got super excited about the potential that resolution offered, and then fell off the bandwagon before January was even over???

Yeah, you're not alone.

A HUGE reason people don't stick with their resolutions (or goals or decisions) is because they're unrealistic and unsustainable.

The initial excitement and motivation behind starting a new health plan, a new meal plan, a new program (or what have you) will only get you so far.

As I talk about ALL. THE. TIME... you have to plan ahead for all the mental drama that is going to happen when you actually get into action mode.



Your brain HATES CHANGE!

It hates DANGER!

It hates NEW!

It hates the UNKNOWN!

Basically, your brain if left to its own devices, would keep you a boring old hermit that lived in a dark house with closed windows eating Twinkies and Diet Coke (or whatever that makes your brain happy.)

Okay, maybe it's not that bad for everyone, but it would be some version of the above.



I'd drink coffee (with hazelnut creamer) all day long while watching Hallmark and knitting. I wouldn't go outside and do all the things I love because it's too dang cold and inside is safe and warm.

I wouldn't cook exciting meals or anything at all, because that would mean I'd have to actually get out of my comfy chair. I wouldn't weigh myself, pay attention to what I eat, or exercise (because I wouldn't want to face my weaknesses).

I definitely wouldn't be writing these emails and creating content because then I might face rejection or someone telling me they don't like my work. I might have to work even harder if someone was interested in working with me. What if I'm not smart enough, good enough, experienced enough? 

 All these thoughts would DEFINITELY KEEP ME FROM ACTION.



I challenge you to write down what's keeping you from acting on your decisions:

  • Not enough time (poor time management)
  • Not enough energy (poor sleep habits)
  • Scared of failing again (negative thoughts and belief in yourself)
  • Overwhelm (you don't know where to start or how to get going)
  • Validation (worried about everyone else's opinion and thoughts about your decisions)

Whatever it is, I promise there is actually a simple answer or solution behind all the drama.

You don't have to stay in the constant loop of starting one thing, not finishing it, and then starting something else.

I've been here. It sucks.


Book a Discovery Call with me to find out how I can help you simplify ALL. THE. THINGS.

I can help you recognize the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in either indecision or the constant back and forth of making a decision >> acting imperfectly >> giving up >> and then making another decision.

I can help you find a plan that actually works for you and your health goals.

I can help you keep on board with your plan and increase your likelihood of success!

I can help you finish the race strong!



So whatever it is that you've decided to do, go get it started TODAY!

Get out your meal plan, DECIDE which meals you're going to cook on which days, and TAKE ACTION by placing a pickup or delivery grocery order ASAP.

Get on your workout shoes and go for that morning walk or make that HIIT sesh happen!

Make those protein balls. Drink that smoothie. Throw away the Doritos - Whatever it is... JUST DO IT!

You'll be SO GLAD you did!

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