Excuses Make a Horrible Best Friend

Jun 16, 2022



I want to dig deep in this post and "expose" some things that you might not be so comfortable with, but stick with me! 


I want you to know right off the bat that these are all things I myself have faced, answered, and dealt with, even most recently in my life.


So please don’t think you are alone or that I’m being "judgey". 

We all have things that we make excuses for, whether it’s why we don’t meal plan, or make crockpot meals, or exercise, or take the dog for a walk, or.... is this just me?? 

The problem is when we complain about the things that we don’t like about ourselves or our life yet don’t take the time to figure out how to CHANGE those things. 

So for example, if you’re constantly complaining about your weight, yet you are unwilling to face the reasons that you’ve gained weight in the first place, what’s the point in complaining about it? 

And maybe you’re not complaining. Maybe you just make side comments here and there to friends or your spouse (as if HE can do anything about it! I’m so guilty of this!) 

BUY WHY ARE YOU MAKING THE COMMENTS? Where is this coming from in your brain? If you think I’m hinting at you writing these thoughts down, you are correct! But we’ll get to that in a minute.



Why do you complain/comment? 

Because you’re uncomfortable, lack confidence, are embarrassed, are looking for attention? What is it? 


Now ask yourself why you don’t do anything about it? 

Is it because you don’t want to make the time or you don’t think you have the time? Maybe you don’t want to “face your demons”? Maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

There are all kinds of reasons, but only you can give the answers that pertain to you. And ultimately, you have to face the truth as to why you’re not doing anything about the things you don’t like about yourself. 


For example, I recently had a baby… 

And the number one thing on my list to get back in order is my figure. 


Thankfully, unlike many other times in my life, I am taking this with a lot more grace and patience. But ultimately, if I want to get back to my pre-baby weight, I’ve had to face some things in my life and ask honest questions. For example:

  • “How many vegetables am I eating every day?” 
  • “How much sugar am I taking in?” 
  • “How active am I?” 
  • “Am I drinking enough water?”

And then I ask WHY OR WHY NOT?

  • Am I too tired? Then I’ll go to bed earlier. 
  • Not enough time to work out? Get my calendar out & schedule my workout time.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe I’ve got too much on my calendar and I need to pare down.
  • NO time to prep healthy snacks. Maybe I really don’t have to vacuum the floor three times a day! 



This is simply a matter of awareness, which I do by tracking all my progress on a health app to keep myself accountable. 

By making the DECISION (we’ll talk about this in another post) to lose a certain amount of weight and tracking my progress, I am making great headway. 

BUT I had to actually look at the things in my life that were keeping me from reaching my goal and change/adjust some areas. It wasn’t comfortable or easy at first, but now it has become my normal. 


I have to get up a few minutes earlier than I really want to in the morning and sit down in a quiet house to do what I call focus time. This is where I get done the things I know I won’t get done when the kids are awake and there are distractions everywhere. 


Also, I have to make a choice to plan things throughout my day and stick to that calendar. If I plan to do school between 9 and 12 with my kids, then I need to choose to not vacuum the floor, fold laundry, work on my email, or do anything else other than what I have planned for. 


This will actually open up so much more time the rest of my day to get done things that are really important. 


I very likely won’t get everything checked off my list, but by prioritizing the things that are really important for that day, I’m going to make so much more headway (especially if I actually stick to the plan!)


Now obviously, life happens and things come up.


Like yesterday when someone hacked my phone or today, when all the chickens got out and I had to take care of that.


So I have to adjust and scratch off the things that maybe weren’t that important. 




But ultimately, it’s up to you to DECIDE what you need or want to change.


It's up to you to look at what is serving you and what is not... to ask yourself why you’re complaining about “said thing” but not choosing to make the changes. 




Because when it comes down to it, we all need a little push and some hand holding at times in our life. 


I had to hire a coach this past season to help me through some business slumps and to help motivate me to get back in gear with my health and nutrition. And I’m not ashamed to say it! 


Anyone who disregards the truth about needing help at different seasons in their life to get through slumps is in denial! 


In fact, people in every facet of business need a mentor, whether you’re a pastor, a dentist, a professor, a plumber, or even a mom. 


Someone who has been there and done that can help keep us accountable and really help move us closer to our goal.


When we are trying to accomplish things solely on our own, without anyone checking in on us, it is so much easier to let things slide.


You know I’m speaking the truth sister! 




Your action item for today is to look at some things that you’ve been complaining about in your life, specifically with your health.


Take 5 minutes and write down EVERY thought that comes to mind with whatever issue you’re dealing with but are unwilling to face.

  • Ask yourself how much you complain about this? 
  • Why do you complain? 
  • What is it for you that makes this particular thing frustrating? 
  • Why are you not doing anything to change the situation? 
  • If it bothers you so much, why aren’t you willing to look at the areas in your life to make the changes? 


This exercise will require some mental work, I will assure you that! But the benefit on the other side is so much greater than you can imagine!


And really, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes of your day, which I suggest you do in the morning or in the evening or whenever you have a quiet moment (and a cup of tea!)


LET ME KNOW HOW THIS GOES! Feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you found out. I love hearing from you, especially when you have those wonderful “a-ha” moments. 


Until next time, 

XX Landon


P.S. If this email resonated with you and you know there are areas you need some accountability and help, consider looking around for someone that might be able to help you start making small steps towards your goal, whether that’s me or someone else. 


P.S. You can book a FREE Discovery Call with me to find out how my Foundations Program will help you achieve your goals and be done with the excuses for good!

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