4 Steps to Healing Your Body

belief mindset negative thoughts take action Jun 16, 2022


By now, I’m sure some of you are wondering if what I offer is actually nutritional consulting or mindset coaching?  That’s a legitimate question that I hope to make clear in this post.

The answer is a BOTH! 

I hinted to this in the last email when I spoke about the Behavior Chain. This is where a trigger leads to a thought, which then leads to an action and finally a consequence.

At the very heart of this process is your mindset.

If you think your mindset has nothing to do with your health, I hate to tell you this, but you’re absolutely wrong. Your thoughts can and will dictate your actions UNLESS you’re aware enough to stop them ahead of time. This can impact your health, both mentally and physically.

And I am going to teach you the 4-step process to recognize a thought, stopping it, replacing it and getting a different result.



Your thoughts can dictate everything you do, UNLESS you’re aware enough to stop them ahead of time.

In fact, I’ve often used the term “thought-stopping” with my clients because that is exactly what I would teach them to do – stop the unhelpful thoughts.

Just because you have a thought or a feeling, doesn’t mean that it is true. Just because you feel fat or unhealthy or unproductive or what have you, doesn’t mean you are those things.

Now, if you choose to ruminate on a specific thought (ex. I’m so inconsistent), you very likely will become very inconsistent. Because as I’ve shown you, a thought can lead to an action.

If you feel inconsistent, you’ll think to yourself, “Why should I even bother putting together a schedule, I won’t stick to it,” and then sure enough, you don’t make that schedule (the action – or inaction) and you become inconsistent (the consequence).



A common example I’ve had from past clients involves FOOD ELIMINATION.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients who have to remove certain foods for a myriad of reasons (allergies, autoimmune disease, triggers, addictions, etc.), and the #1 reason I hear for not avoiding said food is that “it’s too hard to remove".

If the thought you’re having (and believing) about whatever action you need to take is, “it’s too hard,” then it absolutely will be!



THE GOOD NEWS IS you can absolutely change this process!!

You can stop or ignore the initial thought/feeling and then the following behaviors will change as well. Which is why mindset and nutrition coaching are both part of the consulting equation. 

Let’s take the food elimination example from above and see how you can change your behavior around certain “HARD” tasks.


THE PROBLEM: You have to eliminate dairy for ___x___ health reason.

THE THOUGHT: “This is going to be hard.”

THE ACTION: You don’t take the time (or have the motivation) to look for fun and tasty dairy alternatives because it’s going to be hard.

THE RESULT: You don’t eliminate dairy and/or you quit on your new health program.


This is a typical behavior chain. You’re not alone if you’ve experienced this.


Now, let me show you how to change it. 

THE PROBLEM: You need to eliminate dairy for ___x___ health reason.

THE THOUGHT: “This is going to be hard."

** Insert pivotal moment ** You stop and notice the thought, then let it float on by like a cloud. “Yep, there’s that thought again. Just because I’m having it doesn’t mean it’s true. I think I’ll choose to not act on it this time.” 

THE NEW THOUGHT:  “Being dairy free might be challenging, but plenty of people do it and I can too. I've certainly accomplished other hard tasks!"

 THE ACTION: You don’t become complacent about looking for new recipes but choose to be excited about finding something new to try. You reach out to other dairy-free friends for recipes. You start a Pinterest board and make it a challenge to try something new a couple nights a week.

THE RESULT: You slowly but surely eliminate dairy from your diet and find that you actually don’t miss it at all. In fact, on the off chance you do eat it, the consequence you experience (be it gas or otherwise) is even more motivation to keep on with your newfound way of life.


This process may seem simple or trivial, BUT IT WORKS!!!



Start taking notice of your thoughts, especially the ones that aren’t serving you. Then note the feelings and actions that generally come after these thoughts. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking/feeling right now? Is this really the truth or is it just a feeling I can let float away?”

Stop the thought. Then change the thought.

If you commit to this process, you will start to recognize that not all feelings and thoughts are FACT. They’re just thoughts. They’re just feelings. And you don’t have to be a slave to them.

We’ll talk more in another post on how to prepare your counter actions for these narly thoughts and feelings.

But for now, I just want you to be aware of them.

And yes, this really will help you to be a healthier person – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Promise.  


Until next time,  

XX, Landon


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