4 Steps to Overcoming a Temptation

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 In my last blog, I talked about "thought stopping". If you haven't had a chance to read that one, GO HERE! Thought stopping is such an important skill to learn for life in general, but especially when you are trying to implement any new skill or habit.

If you have been trying to implement this skill, have you started to become more aware your thoughts and feelings, especially with regard to your health? Have you been able to "stop them", or at least just let them float away like a cloud in the sky? Still need more practice?

No problemo! I'm here for ya!



Today I'm talking about COUNTER ATTACKS. That's right. Anytime you start something new or change up your routine or do something that is out of your "norm", you'll be going in to battle, my friend... and it's a battle of the mind!

And if you've gotten a heads up that the battle is coming... i.e. what I'm doing for ya right now!... you can plan ahead and arm yourself BEFORE the war begins.

I ask you, what kind of coach would I be if I only told you who or what you're up against but didn't teach you HOW to conquer??? 

RIGHT! Not a very good coach! So, let me teach you how you can properly prepare for this battle!

Here's the deal, whether it's sticking to a meal plan, losing baby weight, overcoming anxiety, or trying not to dive head first into a pan of brownies (not that I've done this), you got be prepared for the inevitable temptation with a COUNTER ACTION, or COUNTER ATTACK.

And a very practical way of doing this is to grab your trusty pen and paper and write down all the things that will likely come up for you when you try and do (or not do) whatever your health goal is currently.




MY GOAL: To lose my baby weight and get back on track with eating normally.

THE PROBLEM: Ice cream. When I was pregnant, I was so sick that about the only thing I could tolerate was ice cream - and I ate a lot of it! Not exactly the healthiest habit to establish, but it was either that or eat nothing. 

THE TEMPTATION: The temptation was to keep doing what I had been doing for 9 months - buying delicious ice cream and eating it every night (if not more)! I was also craving sweets, in general, which was a new problem for me.

So, I made a list of all the areas that I was coming against this temptation.

  • Morning coffee (lots of honey) & Granola (lots of sugar!)
  • Holiday treats (apple cider and donuts is a real thing up here, y'all!)
  • Kids' baked goods (they were really getting into baking at this time)
  • Grocery shopping (so tempting to add yummy things to my cart!)
  • My mom visiting (she likes to buy LOTS of treats when she's here!)
  • Friday Night Pizza (okay, not sugar but also NOT helping my cause!)


THE COUNTER ATTACK: This is where you list all the ways you're going to counter those sticky buns... I mean sticky temptations that come your way! Keep asking yourself "What else?" when you're doing this. You want to have all your battle axes ready! 

  • Morning coffee: Little by little I started dwindling down the amount of honey I was using. I went from a tablespoon (or two) to a teaspoon (or two).
  • Morning Granola:  I just used less of it because now I was AWARE of how much sugar was in 1/4 cup of the stuff! I also started finding creative ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies back into breakfast - HELLO FRITATTAS!
  • Kids' Baked Goods: I told myself ahead of time that I would enjoy one treat. I also had them make smaller batches, so it would be easier to say "no" and not eat as much. But I DID allow myself to enjoy at least one (this is called "exposure" and we'll talk about it another time.)
  • Grocery Shopping: This was probably the toughest and the easiest at the same time.
    • I made sure I wasn't hungry when I placed my order (you ALWAYS buy more when you're hungry!) 
    • I placed an ONLINE ORDER - this is huge because it really helps me stick to my list and avoid "spontaneous" purchases!
    • I had a conversation with myself about my goals ahead of time and I felt more committed to letting the treats go (kind of like the "thought clouds" we've talked about.)
  •  My Mom Visiting: This was by far the hardest because she is constantly buying sweets (donuts, pies, cookies, you name it!) Thankfully, she's not offended if I throw them away after a day or so, which is basically what I found myself doing. 
    • I allowed myself to have one (and everyone else, of course) and then I threw the rest away.
    • Otherwise, it was becoming too much of a temptation for ALL of us!
  • Friday Night Pizza: I put this one on here for a myriad of reasons, even though it's not a sweet. But it IS something that comes up regularly because #1 my husband LOVES pizza and #2 it's a super easy choice when you're tired and don't want to cook.
    • I know that having pizza a couple times a month on a Friday night is no big deal, especially if I only have 1 or 2 pieces, which is about normal. So, I don't sweat it.
    • But, if it comes up as an option more than that, I have a quick and healthy meal on hand. Or we make it ourselves, which is ALWAYS more fun and healthier!


Now, depending on the situation, I don't always have my clients track their progress when they're working with me. 

But, I do believe that AWARENESS can be huge in helping someone to realize what or how much they are actually eating. For me personally...

  • Tracking has brought MAJOR awareness to my life! I didn't realize how much sugar I was eating until I started honestly tracking it. 
  • It has also helped me to track how many fruits and veggies I'm eating, how much water I'm drinking, how many steps I getting every day, and how much weight I've lost since I started.
  • Tracking has helped me lose 30 pounds in less than 6 months!

IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH DIET OR BODY OBSESSION OF ANY KIND... I don't recommend tracking at first.  This can fuel the obsession and I really recommend you work with someone like myself to help you circumvent your obsession tendencies around food and exercise. 



YOUR ACTION ITEM for the day is:

  1. Write down your specific health goal(s).
  2. Write down the biggest challenge that comes up for reaching that goal(s).
  3. Then write down the things that you can do to counter attack those temptations and challenges. Keep asking yourself, "What else?" when you're doing this.

Do this and you'll be ready and armed to MEET YOUR HEALTH GOALS or any goal, for that matter, this year! 

And remember, you're the only one that can change the course you're on. DECIDE to make a change and then take some IMPERFECT ACTION to get there! 

Cool? Cool. 


Until next time, 

XX Landon

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